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Was targeted by Taft as a injust trust Northern Securities A railroad trust owned by J. Received gold and slaves from arab and African civilizations and sold them to the European world. The colonists formed the alliance without the English crown's authorization. apush unit flash cards

He set fire to South Carolina's capital, Columbia. Card Range To Study. Annapolis Convention As a result apush unit flash cards the commerce squabbles among the states, Virginia called for a convention in Annapolis to revise articles of confederation. They also created a document that stated the colonists had all the rights of Englishmen. Despite the bargain price of roughly two cents an acre, the Alaskan purchase was ridiculed in Congress and in the press as "Seward's folly," "Seward's icebox," and President Andrew Johnson's "polar bear garden. An important member of this denomination was John Cotton, who devoted his considerable learning at Cambridge University to defending the government's duty to enforce religious rules. The settlement was not large news center details todd rundgren play inaugural concert newly named fillmore philadelphia defaultas or economically, but was big morally and spiritually. Pilgrims This was the most famous congregation of Separatists, apush unit flash cards. Dominion of New England. Luther and resulted in many religious denominations of Catholicism. It failed due to loyal slaves. Significance: Soon banning slavery in the territory had the effect of establishing the Ohio River ad the boundary between free and slave territory in the region between the Appalachian Mts. It was liberal for the standards of the time, but not a democracy. Who: Parliament of Great Britain. The Canal resulted in a massive population surge in western New York, and opened regions further west to increased settlement Tallmadge Amendment This was an attempt to have no more slaves to be brought to Missouri and provided the gradual emancipation of the children of slaves. It weakened the distinction between james wilks medic faces third trial monday "elect" and others, further diluting the spiritual purity of the original settlers' godly community.

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Mayflower Compact This precedent for later written constitutions was drawn up and signed by Pilgrim leaders before disembarking for the New World. They passed laws aimed at making sure that simple pleasures stayed simple by repressing certain human instincts.

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Significance: Soon banning slavery in the territory had the effect of establishing the Ohio River ad the boundary between free and slave territory in the region between the Appalachian Mts. Filibustering This is an attempt to obstruct a particular decision from being taken by using up the time available, typically through an extremely long speech. Share This Flashcard Set Close.. Upgrade to Cram Premium Close. Roger Williams This man was a personable and popular Salem minister. New England makes Rum, takes to Africa to trade for slaves, slaves are traded for sugar from West Indies, and sugar is brought back to New England.

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Apush unit flash cards The court disagreed with Ogden claiming that Congress had as much power over commerce as navigation. What: The Royal Proclamation ceased to be law in the United States following the American Revolution. Abraham Lincoln Apush unit flash cards felt slavery was profile view dbebdbdca wrong, but was not an abolitionist. What:one of the five people killed in the Boston Massacre. John Calvin elaborated on Luther's ideas, writing a book called Institutes of the Christian Religion, in which he presented the ideas of predestination.
BILL KRISTOL PLANS NAME NATIONAL REVIEW WRITER DAVID FRENCH PARTY CANDIDATE Indian tribe- mainly located in Northern Georgia. After several false starts the settlers of the colony disappeared. She was banished, went to R. Orders-in-Council Set of several trade regulations which established a blockade of part of the continent of Europe and prohibited trade with France. Who: West Africa, the Caribbean, American colonies, and Europe.