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Archived Information about Phase III of Early Restoration: Draft Programmatic and Phase III Early Restoration Plan and Draft Early Restoration PEIS Part.
A few hours after BP's well was declared virtually dead, the Obama administration announced that only about 26 percent of the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico.
Archived Information about Phase V of Early Restoration: Phase V Early Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment (pdf, 10 MB)..

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The gas pouring out of the broken well spurred the growth of bacteria called methanotrophs , which can break down methane as their only source of energy. CCB Completes Gulf Spill Work with Eagles and Osprey. Specific dioxins derived from the antibacterial agent triclosan, used in many hand soaps, deodorants, dishwashing liquids and other consumer products, account for an increasing proportion of total dioxins in Mississippi River sediments, according to University of Minnesota research. Atrazine impedes fish spawning, study shows. What is an Estuary? It has obscured the obscura.
archives gulf spill

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But this study is the first to establish a connection between an invasive plant and poor air quality, said lead researcher Jonathan Hickman, a fellow at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Spiny waterfleas can collect in masses, entangling on fishing lines, downrigger cables, and anchor lines. Gulf Oil Spill Commander and Chaplain. North-flowing phosphorus threatens Lake Winnipeg. To view the executive summary of the report, click here.

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In the current study spearheaded by Jeff Buth, a recent Ph. Good News: Bacteria Ate All the Deepwater Horizon Methane. Dozens of powerful opponents have lined up against the proposal, with paper, citrus and power companies expressing concern about costs. Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. Gulf of Mexico oil spill.. In addition, atrazine-exposed fish spawned less and there were abnormalities in reproductive tissues of both males and females. Some crops and plants are known to contribute to ozone. MOBILE, Alabama — An Alabama chemist is warning Gulf of Mexico residents that future hurricanes could bring Deepwater Horizon oil and […]..