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Earlier today, TechCrunch reported that some users are seeing a brand new feature on Facebook company Pages: a five- star rating.
Learn if and how can you add the new Facebook 5 Star Rating Widget to your Facebook page in less than 5 min. Also, check the pros and cons.
How To Hide Star Ratings So They Don't Show On Your Facebook Page - Want to get of star reviews on FB business page? Here are the steps.

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The following people have contributed to this plugin. If you need a temporary and I do mean temporary email address just to get a confirmation link for something, information you do not want sent to you... Blog post currently doesn't have any comments. Result Rate How to Add and Edit Business Locations in Business Manager Ask a Question How can i add stars rating to my business page? What Is Inbound Marketing? Right now, the most that companies really can do is force you to like their Facebook page -- which is definitely unethical, but not quite as egregious as leaving fake five-star reviews.

Users will now be able to actually define what they mean by "liking" a brand or company. Adding the rating is only supported for Fan Pages. Click Reviews in the right sebi data attachdocs. Baton Rouge Inbound Event. Get HubSpot's latest marketing articles straight to your inbox, blog facebook star rating page. All reviews will appear on your timeline. If they are not then you might get some valuable feedback from. If you are not sure, think twice before installing the Rating Widget. Ask a Question How do I set up my page with a review and rating section? However we will need to be careful as to how we do. Related Questions How do I set up my page with a review and rating section? This could be detrimental to their brand if fans are frustrated by the lack of ability to have any conversation with the page owner. And who wouldn't want that?

Blog facebook star rating page - travel

If this feature changes Facebook could adopt the Yelp approach and leave business owners at the mercy of the general public. Fans are still hesitant about using their card data in social channels just as consumers were in the early days of using ecommerce websites. Instead of competing with other companies for "likes," brands can focus on getting a few qualitative, positive reviews. Let me know in the comments below.