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We project Trump wins Arizona and the state of Pennsylvania. He's President- elect. — Decision Desk HQ (@DecisionDeskHQ) November.
Donald Trump has won Georgia and its crucial 16 electoral votes. The Associated Press and broadcast networks have declared Trump the winner over Democrat Hillary Clinton. Trump dominated across Georgia’s rural areas, racking up margins that out-paced Republican Mitt Romney’s.
WHEN Barack Obama proffered this election-day olive branch to a divided country on November 8th, it sounded rather trite: “No matter what..

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Hide Caption Share this: Twitter Facebook Google Reddit More Email Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr Print Like this: Like Loading... Michigan New York Florida. The EU chiefs Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk have also sent their "sincere congratulations" and invited him to visit Europe. AJC has reduced itself to nothing more than yellow journalism. You are seeing the beta version of You are seeing the beta version of
blog trump wins

Other tweeters also found blog trump wins snapshot jarring:. Lionsgate Films Internet startup companies weren't suffering under President Snow for a very good reason. Aatif ZubairTara Marie, blog trump wins. Having two women on the ticket — that was an exciting idea. They search label simulation games more likely to be drug abusers but less likely to be alcoholics. Don't worry, it happens. As social media consumers, we should resist limiting ourselves to an echo chamber of like-minded voices. The rate of new businesses opening in rural areas has utterly collapsed. Pooler danmericaCNN reports that Clinton campaign chair John Podesta just left HRC hotel to come to Javits solo. Research by Jennifer Kanjana and Dhrumil Mehta. Post-election, much of the OMG-how-did-Trump-win analysis has focused on old-school tactics, such as scheduling and polling. Wait, are you talking about Donald Trump, or this guy:. Follow results on CNN

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  • It seems the Clinton team will get some sleep before making a final call.
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  • Barely anyone gave him a chance. Time to burn it all down and then sue for a bigger house.

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Their heads are so far up their asses that they can't tell up from down. In that place, at that time, the church was everything. Adventures in Jedi School. The Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton has conceded privately to Trump, who was unusually generous about her in his victory speech. Kind of weird that a big hurricane hundreds of miles across managed to snipe one specific city and avoid everything else. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out What Trump Does With His Mouth When He's Not Speaking , and other videos you won't see on the site! Oh, and California legalised marijuana. Looking back, I think the idea was that the local minorities were fine...