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Secrecy News Blog: blogs / secrecy /. AN INTRODUCTION TO See Defense Primer: Command and Control of Nuclear Forces.
This is the third blog post I've written on the question of presidential nuclear authority. . The Secretary of Defense, he insisted, was completely dispensable with . http:// blog. nuclearsecrecy There is a CRS primer that insists the Defense Secretary is needed to.
FAS Secrecy News A Primer on the European Current Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Issues, CRS Insight, February 21....

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These findings appear to be quite robust because they are based on all of the HSP shootings, rather than a piecemeal look at each caliber. But it does mean that if there is confusion in the open publications, then it percolates through the whole system relevant XKCD. It sounds like you were an officer who was into firearms. I was being deliberately provocative although nothing I said was incorrect , and you bring up the other side of the coin: More velocity might compromise the projectiles performance against a naked target, but it might also make performance more consistent when shooting through different barriers, or at longer ranges. It is critical because of that which is at stake when an officer is required to use his handgun to protect his own life or that of another.
blogs secrecy defense primers

The proof is in actual gun shootouts, that backs up the science and it does. Take emotion out of the equation and use logic. On a whim, though, before really starting the heavy-duty work, I would put his name into Facebook. Getting greater penetration through inconsistent expansion is not necessarily a good thing, though Blogs secrecy defense primers really should have mentioned the Ranger T bullets. Presumably such things are carefully screened before being offered up as official doctrine, and it seems about as clear as can be, but it's always possible that something got mangled.

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  • Blogs secrecy defense primers
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  • Blogs secrecy defense primers