cars dash lights flickering

The instrument panel lights, map/dome lights, and the headlights flicker /surge. This is at idle and while driving. It doesn't go away after the car is warm.
When i start my car the engine runs ok BUT, i noticed that the lights on the Ah,,i have the same, Flickering lights, Dashboard lights and it looks.
If the cluster of gauges on your dashboard has started to go on the fritz. the gauges going from proper operation to flat needles and no light....

Cars dash lights flickering tri easy

Performance CLOSED, PLEASE POST IN THE CORRECT FORUM FOR YOUR MODEL. It may be that some part of the electronic system is faulty and this triggers off a wholesale warning. If it does it's the alternator for sure. Then move to the fuse block power connection, again notate where you see the voltage changing and where you do not. cars dash lights flickering