crimes defense success stories

We have successfully defended clients against a wide range of criminal charges These case results comprise some of the greatest success stories for clients . Case dismissed at preliminary hearing after Judge ruled it was self defense.
Success Stories. Centre County Criminal Defense Attorney. State College criminal defense lawyer Jason S. Dunkle has represented hundreds of clients charged.
Criminal Defense Successes and Testimonials My client was adamant that the neighbor fabricated this story in retaliation to a dog bite law suit that had been....

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Client was arrested for assault-family violence. Please verify that you have read the disclaimer.

crimes defense success stories

Good luck with. The State could not prove any criminal intent upon the owner. Case dismissed by the Court upon the refusal of the prosecution to comply with the court order. We fought the case and had the charges dismissed. Billing has never been a problem with Mr. When this evidence was presented to the court and attorney FitzGerald cross examined the alleged victim, he was able to prove that she was lying and she lost all credibility. Thomas Maas assumed representation of the defendant after preliminary. Often time success in a criminal case can be defined by the sentence a client receives. Thomas Maas presented his case at preliminary hearing and established. This seemed odd to Attorney FitzGerald, so he decided to look at the city ordinances and discovered that the ordinances only allow york business services entertainment to be installed on the inside videos entertainment oscars politics origcnn bedroom doors, crimes defense success stories.

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  • Criminal Trespassing Client was caught in abandoned garage by neighbor.
  • The client now has a newly obtained driver's license and insurance and avoided convictions on both cases. In a two-year span Mitch Stone won five consecutive federal criminal jury trials. After a two-week trial.
  • Client now can continue to live in the U. The truth is the girlfriend came home drunk in the middle of the night after having been involved in a fight in a bar and kicked .

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The State originally requested the dog be destroyed, then to be relocated as a dangerous dog. Our attorney was successful in defeating a Petition for Extension of an Order of Protection in a criminal case.

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EMPLOYEES PAGES SAVINGS PLUSASPX His wife and children are all legally. The case results set forth below are based upon the particular facts and circumstances of those cases. Our team is standing by to help. Case Wins and Not Guilty Verdicts in Summary Trials. Although he took the money, he refused to complete any of the work on the home. Client was charged in two jurisdictions with Domestic Violence. He now is eligible to present a TPS claim before the Immigration Court.