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Votre définition du Québécois! (forum de la Fédération des Québécois de souche ) de Bergerix le 19 Oct Francais? Canadiens-Francais? Québécois.
clear that what I have described here are but fragments that have no inherent meaning. The mere thought of this “ souche ” attenuates my desire to belong. red lips, consult your Women Going Places to find the address of that dyke dive. In other words, you too could pick up on a québécois manner of being, even if....

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Soulscanner is quite right here. A summary of the conclusions reached follows. Comment I am the one who proposed this page move. Absolutely, and it said "nation" not "ethnic group. Privacy Policy Ad Choices Terms of Service.

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I have no objection to adding other viewpoints on the Quebecois nation issue, provided that they are well documented. I also note that the article on Leacock doesn't say Ontarian writer and economist. The "list fact" tags for the list items dispute only the contention that they intend specific reference to francophones, which must be sourced. Just because the sense exists doesn't mean it's appropriate usage in scientific discourse. That leaves the question of what to do with an article about the word, when most links coming to this article are about people, and whether the editor intends Quebecer , Francophone Quebecer or French-Canadian Quebecer, we don't know.

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Celebrity gossip james franco says yeah little Merging the two section would give more weight to Stephen Harper's version. Quebec nation is no more real to me then Ontario nationPrince Edward Island nation etc. Again, I'll repeat myself, I did not put the ethnobox. This was more to make it more complete. The whole point of wikipedia is to allow readers to easily link to a topic If the article stays, then it's understood that editors and readers should be able to easily link to it. This article should explain that, and link directly from whatever article uses the word.
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