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2017 Budget Speech by Pravin Gordhan Minister of Finance, I have the privilege to present our Government's budget for the fiscal year.
Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan delivered the national budget speech on 22 February During his speech, Minister Gordhan outlined.
Budget Statement / General / Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Honourable Colm Imbert Budget - Speech View Supporting Documents | View Draft Budget Statement 2014 Documents Budget Statement 2014 (PDF)..

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Honourable Members, the budget continues to prioritise both national and provincial economic infrastructure requirements. About The Budget Dashboard. This reflects slower growth in wages, employment and bonus pay-outs last year, amongst other factors. MECs of Finance Fellow South Africans. Skip to main content.. It also prioritises spending to enable government to achieve its goals. Its initial focus will be: - To improve access to a common set of maternal health and ante-natal services and family planning services, - To expand the integrated school health programmes, including provision of spectacles and hearing aids, and - To improve services for people with disabilities, the elderly and mentally ill patients, including provision of wheelchairs and other assistive devices.
documents national budget speech

So also are the clarity of vision and the details of sectoral priorities and programmes set out in the National Development Plan. Molato ga o bole…. How many lifejackets does the SABC need? Together, we will find a way forward that meets student funding needs fairly and sustainably, so that rising numbers of graduates can contribute positively to inclusive growth and transformation of the economy. Global strains manifest in various ways, including the rise of strident economic nationalism and protectionist policies. The law will catch up with you. The principles that should guide our agenda for transformation include the following:. Madam Speaker, I requested the Davis Tax Committee last year to advise on an appropriate governance and accountability model for SARS. Ours is the collective responsibility, despite many distractions, to live up to the expectations of Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Beyers Naude, "documents national budget speech", Nelson Mandela, Albert Luthuli, Yusuf Dadoo, Lilian Ngoyi and many. Three new banks have been granted provisional licences, including the PostBank, and two new stock exchanges. Wealth is produced and allocated along lines that remain fundamentally unjust.

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Umanyano Ngamandla Unity is power. All our metropolitan municipalities are undertaking a portfolio of catalytic, integrated urban development projects that will lead the way in reshaping our cities:. Negativity inspired by greed and selfishness will obstruct us. The medical tax credit will be increased in line with inflation this year. President Zuma has rightly emphasised that the requirements for transformation and change in South Africa are wide-ranging. Laws and regulations, policies and their implementation, initiatives of national, provincial and local government, our black economic empowerment charters and the engagement of business, organised labour and civil society partners are all critical levers of change. The programme will be open until the end of August this year.