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Pence Breaks With Trump On Russian Hacking. Republican Rod Dreher / The American Conservative: Trump Has A Point On Russia Hack.
The New York Times is reporting that the Russians also hacked the . Far better than fake news from the intelligence-agency point of view is.
met with intelligence officials Friday about Russian hacking, but still And Russian Hacking, Are Trump And His Team Missing The Point?.

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Under Obama, for example, the White House busied itself with Title IX activism, and with inserting the senior levels of the federal government into the way high school locker rooms are run. What does this have to do with how badly the pundits got this election wrong? Finally, I have no hard proof it affected the election.

Michael Morell, a former deputy director of the C. The media are acting like little girls. Many of the emails also served to essentially re-inflame various intraparty controversies that had flared up during the primary campaign. They have lifetime tenure and so it seems to me they should be more scrutinized than folks who can be booted out by the folks. He even entertained the notion of Russian membership in NATO. If Trump steps back the way he dreher trump point russia hack to as a candidate, you might not even need to do things like invade the Baltic states. Both sides are nuts at this point. They also increase the likelihood of WWIII if he is elected. How DARE Trump suggest a foreign government engage in espionage? He was the first foreign leader to call George W. They both did much better than either had any right to expect because … look at the alternative. Engineers rebelled, and the order was abandoned. The United States, meanwhile, had its own notable cyberwar success. Well, she was running against Donald Trump. FDR threw thousands of American citizens into concentration camps based solely on their ethnicity, dreher trump point russia hack. I repeat: Russia will rise. Or flat out donating to your campaign? I also thought this back in the Cold War: we knew who the Evil Empire was because they spied on their own citizens, denied traditional values and so forth. Critics of the report have repeatedly noted that ways promote your latest blog post agencies, in the months before the Iraq War, endorsed faulty assessments concerning weapons of mass destruction. The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history.

Trump asks Russia to hack Hillary's emails