famous hindu married muslim women

Coming to the aid of a young Muslim woman who alleged threats from her family after she married a Hindu, the Delhi High Court has allowed.
How you haters feel about this?1. Actor Sunil Dutt married Nargis, a Muslim.. Their son Sanjay is now married to Dilnawaz Sheikh (screen.
Famous bollywood cabaret dancer of 80s, Leena Das married singer Mohammed of Benazir Bhutto, married a Hindu woman who converted to Islam. Surprisingly, Ali Akbar and his Muslim wife Zubeida gave Hindu names..

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Mr Imran, since you mentioned the word secularism in your comment, I am merely requesting you to give your definition of it. If this becomes the norm, all caste-related animosity will come to an end.
famous hindu married muslim women

As a principle, I am not deleting any comment posted by you. Shivaji was the first king to consider the whole of India as one. Model Feroze Gujral is the daughter of a. As promised, I am allowing your comment to be displayed here, although I do not agree with your views one bit. Just look at paper you will see few comments from muslim men but seeing muslim women in India seems like spoting an extinct race. They had a son, Famous hindu married muslim women and a daughter, Ira. I totally agree that the community based worked well in those times migh work even now, provided we dont let the politicians misuse the religon or caste based system to their political advantage! I will be happy if you took the pains to reply to it. Just think, LOVE is your affection to someone and Jihad carries the meaning as 'SANGHARSH". All muslim want to increase their count in social network portland oregon networking site world and Islam is showing many thing but in actual. Both later died in an unexplained air crash. Since then I have called him Baba.

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