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Not too interested in this, but its kinda interesting. Some of the questions are kinda close ended, but its all good. I think its crazy that.
I'm sure some of you have seen this Political Compass How did you do? I am: Economic: Social: Left wing libertarian - no surprise  Post your Political Compass test results.
Sneak preview: All political tests, always, show me to be on the Libertarian Right. IIRC, the Political Compass showed me pretty close to Milton....

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Maybe less fun because of that, though. And Im genuinely confused at the purpose of school. I come out somewhere round Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Ghandi which might make me feel good about myself, but no way do i have the same courage of conviction as those three.

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  • It's not to make you feel good about yourself. The questions are weird, and there's no way I could answer them all with anything that makes sense to me.
  • Post your results here. Canada doesn't have eleventy hundred weirdass political pundit driven radio stations.
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I'm in the bottom right quadrant, which means I'm for economic and personal liberty. That one is tough.

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I voted for them in the European elections because of their stance, particularly over software patents. But reading the hanson manifestio, it makes perfect sense. Fast-food workers marched in the streets and shut down stores for years, while an army of online supporters shared viral photos, memes, and news. I believe a thread for this test has already been made... A very, very slight shift to the left on social issues then, probably due to the forum influence. Looks like I've swayed to the right a little on the Economic scale. It could be as arbitrary as who likes standing on the east side of buildings rather than the west.