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The following user-friendly printable information leaflets explain the symptoms and treatment for a range Physical Illness and Mental Health Bipolar Disorder.
This page describes the symptoms of bipolar disorder and what treatments are available. It also suggests how you can help yourself, and what family and friends.
Explore information on bipolar disorder, including signs and symptoms, Talking with a doctor or other licensed mental health professional is the first step for . Bipolar Disorder: A brochure on bipolar disorderthat offers basic information on....

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Too high a dose and side-effects can be a problem. Royal College of Psychiatrists. Katie talks about coming along to our groups for young people.
health bipolar disorder leaflet

Sodium Valproate, Olanzapine, Quetiapine or Risperidone are. Questions will health bipolar disorder leaflet to be answered calmly, factually and in. Try to be as patient and understanding as. You may then understand that odd behaviour of your friend or loved one is due to mental illness. The following user-friendly printable information leaflets explain the symptoms and treatment for a range of mental illnesses. If this is okay with you, please close this message. Bizarre and odd behaviour in a close relative or friend, which is out of character, can cause a lot of upset. Elefriends, our online community. Treatment is more effective when a client and doctor work closely together and talk openly about concerns and choices. Advice and information Contact Us Help Now Members Our goal is a better life for everyone affected by mental illness. How is bipolar disorder treated? Royal College of Psychiatrists. The following Information Sheets regarding certain classes of Psychiatric medications aim to answer frequently solutions sleep problems questions and provide a starting point from which you can understand why you may have been prescribed certain medications. Also, try to encourage the affected person to take their medication as prescribed and also to try the self-help measures listed .

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Practical help is very important — and much. People with bipolar disorder should discuss possible benefits and risks of ECT with a qualified health professional. It comes as a tablet and has been used for many years.

health bipolar disorder leaflet

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CHEAP SASKATOON RENTALSCARSKSP It is usually for several weeks at a time or longer. Bipolar disorder is sometimes called bipolar affective disorder. You might hear these different experiences referred to as mood statesand you can read more about them in our page on bipolar moods and symptoms. How is bipolar disorder diagnosed? However, do not stop any medication abruptly without first speaking to a doctor.
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