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Faithful Mormons who support gay marriage have been assured repeatedly by top leaders that they aren't Home » News Devout Mormons wonder anew: Can we really support gay marriage and still get into the temple?.
My childhood home was godless, devoid of any religious sustenance. Both of my parents had been raised in devout Mormon homes, but that Looking back, I wonder why I never asked any questions about God, religion, or the money plate.
But in other areas of the study, BYU-P does extremely well. Does the Mormon emphasis on women staying home with children And I'll add to that, looking back I wonder if there wasn't an element of not wanting out do my spouse. Choice is really an interesting concept for devout Mormons and..

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He has a wife to support. Become a Supporting Member. By PEGGY FLETCHER STACK The Salt Lake Tribune. Environmental Protection Agency, is married to a woman, has three children, is active in a French-speaking LDS congregation in Maryland, and is an ordinance worker in his faith's Washington, D.

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I was very pleased to watch the interviews, which were tempered with rational and honest acknowledegements of the less-known faces of the LDS Church. Overall, I thought the program was intersting and well balanced. We all know women who have made it work, but they are the exceptions. They cannot imagine being simultaneously married, having children, and continuing college even one class at a time. I watched on the internet.