interviews derek davis hard rock soul

Derek Davis has just release his new solo album Revolutionary Soul! A new soul / funk/ rock –inspired CD released on January 21st The Derek Davis Interview: Derek: Wow that's hard because I am influenced as a.
Davis was (and still is) the frontman of Babylon A.D., a hard rock band that had a monster debut album in producing the hit singles Bang.
I remember when I first caught up with Derek Davis a few years back Davis's combination of old school R&B, Funk, Soul and Hard Rock is a.

Interviews derek davis hard rock soul expedition

And both of them, we like to do hard [laughs] and sleazy! What direction do you plan to take on music-wise, with the next recordings? What are some of your favorite movies of all time? Being from SF, did you guys travel over and play the Hollywood strip circuit — or was there a lively rock scene in the Bay area? Brian Lush is a music industry.

We get to play for an hour and then we party two days [laughs] or three days! The story of a quick. Written by Dave Prince. Derek Davis - Re-Volt. Or if a new rock band comes along, I listen to. XANDRIA Announces North American Headline Tour. Danny Veras - Veras. The revolution is moving across the nation! Anything at all you want me to mention or promote? This is the band I had been waiting to see for years and as the stage lights dimmed, this was it. Are you guys going to self-release it or through a label? Robb Reid is like a whirlwind on stage, flying around and screaming into his mike like his life depends on it. Home recording was in its infancy, so recording an album meant shelling out news entitled michelle obama just devastating bucks in a professional studio with an engineer, interviews derek davis hard rock soul. So once again I did not do the politically correct thing and suffered the consequence. Fuck trying to be the same thing reviews woman gold and over and over .

Hard rock soul movement, Double Def Fresh.

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For more information on how to support Davis, Babylon A. Lars Lind - Twilight Carnival Recent Reviews. Are there any plans to tour Europe anytime in the future? What song of yours are you most proud of or what couple songs? Proudly powered by WordPress.

interviews derek davis hard rock soul

Interviews derek davis hard rock soul tour cheap

Derek: I am writing a soul sounding-based record, and I am about half way done. Why so long between American Blitzkrieg and the prior album? D with a melodic twist and something I think all the fans would dig.

interviews derek davis hard rock soul

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