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Led by a team of National Geographic scientists, the Genographic Project uses advanced DNA analysis to better understand human genetic roots.
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Knowledge Center National Geographic Genographic Project. National Geographic's The Genographic Project provides genetic testing for genealogical..

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National Geographic Society's mission is to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting conservation of the world's cultural and natural resources. Choose your Country and Language:. IBM is committed to providing diverse and sustained programs that support education, workforce development, arts, and culture, and communities in need on a global basis. The Genographic Project is led by Dr. An expanded analysis of autosomal variation in Genographic populations is now in progress. Retrieved from "

knowledge center genographic project national geographic

Assistance obtaining genetic data. Although events winter fair square limits place constraints on a full description of the results of Genographic Project research to date, the following discussion summarizes many of the highlights of this work. By participating in the latest phase of this real-time scientific project, you can learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. For example, in Phase I, Genographic researchers collected the bulk of the DNA samples to be used for genetic analysis through field expeditions in various parts of the world. Such outreach for public participation in research has been encouraged by organizations such as International Society of Genetic Genealogy ISOGGwhich is seeking to promote benefits from scientific research.

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The Journey of Your Past

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Use free sample data to experience our apps and discover just how useful genetic data can be. While certain aspects of human evolution and migration had been defined by the time that this project began, such as the fact that modern humans speciated in Africa e. These relationships were developed through several means, including trips to the communities by project members to discuss the details of the project with them, and contacting anthropologists, archaeologists, and colleagues from medical fields who had previously worked, or are currently working, with these communities to initiate a dialogue with their leaders about the group's possible involvement in the project. Finally, the knowledge about our deep ancestry that has been contributed by this project demonstrates that we are part of one large, extended family with genetic ties that bind us together, despite our outward biological, cultural, and linguistic differences. Additional details about the GLF can be found at the Genographic Project Web site:. Public participation kit samples are tested for about a dozen non-medical genetic markers and cannot be used for any other purpose than genetic anthropology. African American Amerindian Dominican Oceanian Highland Peruvian Puerto Rican.

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