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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wait for voters' verdict as the 2016 US election campaign ends. Follow all the latest here with live updates.
Check out POLITICO's 2016 election live blog for the latest updates, exit polls and analysis as President: president.
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But keep in mind that exit polls have particular challenges when estimating voting patterns among spatially concentrated minority groups like Latinos or Asian Americans. The only problem: Those specifics kept changing, sometimes in dramatic ways. But pollsters are clearly having trouble capturing public opinion in the Midwest as voters there increasingly diverge from those on the coasts. From Wall Street to Wisconsin, brokers cheer Trump's order Reuters With a swipe of his pen, U. Demonstrators march against President Trump's travel ban during a protest in London, Feb. But this raises the obvious question: does the committee choose the candidate who came in second at the national conventions or do they choose the person they feel would best represent the party?

I remember a time, however, when that data could leak it. Protesters attend a rally against President Trump's immigration policies outside the U. But paradoxically, on-cycle elections for governor have actually been less nationalized than gubernatorial elections held in midterm years. The only gncy cmplntsdspts menu Those specifics kept changing, sometimes in dramatic ways. When the sun sets, things will really get going around. Trump begins attack on historic Wall Street reform - Reuters TV Reuters TV President Donald Trump began to act on his plan to scale back major regulations that resulted from the financial crisis aimed at protecting consumers, investors, and retirees.

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ET in the matter. If Democrats fail to pick-up New Hampshire, then they need to win in Indiana, Missouri or North Carolina. Clinton leads nationally but only with a slender margin, and as historian Professor Allan Lichtman notes, Trump's can still pull off a victory that would have seemed impossible little over a year ago. Martin O'Malley pulled himself out of contention to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee Wednesday, days after he said he was considering a bid. Neither candidate is seen as honest and trustworthy. As in many other states voting this into law, current medical marijuana facilities in Nevada would be encouraged to transition into recreational marijuana facilities. That other evil is Republican nominee Donald Trump. Ryan Heath's must-read briefing on what's driving the day in Brussels.

live blog presidential election