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Average downloads per article, Irma Sofia Espinosa Peraldi, Atila Kaya, Sylvia Melzer , Ralf Möller, On ontology based abduction for.
This article was downloaded by: [Temple University Libraries] To cite this Article Melzer, ''Death in the Shape of a Young Girl': Feminist Responses to FEMINIST RESPONSES TO MEDIA REPRESENTATIONS OF WOMEN.
David O. Meltzer 1,* and; Gregory W. + Author Affiliations Responses on This Article. Health Care The Way Articles citing this article. Self-care after...

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Diagnostic criteria for mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease: Movement Disorder Society Task Force guidelines. We compared the contents, claims and conclusions of the scientific journal article with those of the associated newspaper article. Our study also highlights an underreporting of risks and an overemphasis on benefits. Conceived and designed the experiments: TRM DJM MRM JCDA TJA. Posterior hypoperfusion in Parkinson's disease with and without dementia measured with arterial spin labeling MRI. In all other PD individuals, motor, cognitive, and MRI assessments were performed on medication, with no change to their usual drug regimen. Woloshin S, Schwartz LM.

We excluded articles on reproductive cloning because cloning was not the focus of this study and because the large number of newspaper articles on this subject had the potential to skew the results of the study. However, the media do seem to overemphasize particular topics, such as behavioural genetics. Precision and recall are "media articles downloads melzer" quotient of the left green region by respectively the oval horizontal arrow and the left region diagonal arrow. Preprocessing and analyses were performed in FSL per Engvig et al. Melzer TR, Watts R, MacAskill MR, Pitcher TL, Livingston L, Keenan R, et al. Nevertheless, our data indicate that journalists may not always be the primary source of exaggerated claims. A newspaper article was considered not to have been exaggerated if its claims had first been made in the corresponding scientific journal article. Corticolimbic gray matter loss in Parkinson's disease without dementia. Citing articles via Web of Science. Eye On Health Reform. Many slanis layer ipasibas languages used in mathematics, logic, and theoretical computer science are defined in solely syntactic terms, and as such do not have any meaning until they are given some interpretation.

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  • Submit a Peer Review. Nishio Y, Hirayama K, Takeda A, Hosokai Y, Ishioka T, Suzuki K, et al. Competing interests: None declared.
  • Large-scale clinical trials examining potential therapies for neuroprotection are expensive and the establishment of an objective marker that can show clinically meaningful disease progression—and lack of progression due to an effective therapy—over just one year, would therefore be highly relevant for intervention studies. Cerebral perfusion differences between drowsy and nondrowsy individuals after acute sleep restriction.
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Science and the public: a review of science communication and public attitudes to science in Britain. Tessa C, Lucetti C, Giannelli M, Diciotti S, Poletti M, Danti S, et al. We describe the rationale for the Comprehensive Care Physician model, in which physicians focus their practice on patients. We use cookies to improve your experience with our site.