media donald trump blacklist

We can't say whether it was Donald Trump 's propensity to insult members of the press and blacklist specific media organizations from covering.
Donald Trump has been denying press credentials to news outlets for nearly a year. In some cases, reporters from the offending outlets can still attend Trump campaign rallies as members of the general public, but without the access and privileges that press credentials provide.
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on editor for the Huffington Post, said on Twitter the outlet was no longer blacklisted..

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Spencer Platt Getty Images Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks with press during a news conference. And we look forward to the candidate sitting down for an interview with the Huffington Post in the near future. In a profile of Hicks, Nuzzi said the spokeswoman plays lone goalie to hundreds of media queries a day. The GOP presidential nominee is pressing his case ahead of Election Day. The story must be told. Donald Trump is now welcoming all media to cover his campaign. Where politics meets the press.
media donald trump blacklist