Russian hackers, Donald Trump, and the 2016 election, explained But whereas the Democrats' emails found their way to WikiLeaks, Republican emails with no relationship to Hillary Clinton or the American government. . as smart, knowledgeable about the world, capable, and friendly to Russia. Missing: sarcastic ‎ backtrack.
Donald Trump suggests Russia engage in espionage to help his Presidential At a news conference today, Donald Trump essentially called on Russia to Russia had hacked Hillary Clinton's email, essentially encouraging an accused of meddling in the United States' presidential election.
News · World · Americas · US politics. Donald Trump was 'being sarcastic ' when he urged Russia to hack Hillary Clinton's email “Of course I was being sarcastic ,” Mr Trump told Fox News. came after he was engulfed in a barrage of criticism for appearing to urge Russia to intervene in the US election....

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Will need a space until my friend can get my sponsored visa application approved. Also will the pendulum swing back? Join or ABC News Meanwhile, the Kremlin is telling Washington to solve its own email problems. Russian hacking prowess has led at various times to fears that Russia might hack actual voting machines or vote tallies, thus altering the results. I would sympathize more with those folks except that I used to do those low status jobs. Anyone want to bet Donald will never go after M Bloomberg for calling him crazy and unhinged. Look at what I am doing! If you found that Hillary Clinton was a mutant flesh eating reptile escaped from an underground Monsanto research facility and the Russians actually saved US from a warming world climate tampered with to favor a dinosaur comeback, would the Russians not then be even your hero? Report this comment as spam or abuse Hacking is a crime? He just shot his side in the foot and Republican strategists must be cursing the day he was born. There is too much at stake for me as I am everything Trump despises- a Hispanic, Muslim woman.