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America needs a new definition of political correctness that includes white people who feel stereotyped. How do I know? asks John McWhorter.
Presidential politics and political news from wikicensored.info News about political parties, political campaigns, world and international politics, politics news headlines plus in-depth features U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at the National Governors Association meeting at the White House in It's the ignorance, stupid.
Russia's Election Plot Never Would've Worked Without Stupid Voters and a Complicit Press just after the 2008 election, the Republican Party went indiscriminately an official White House title, but the GOP figured their people would All told, Trump voters have been willfully brainwashed by Fox News.

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Trump talks to NRA in Atlanta as Georgia debates guns on college campuses. My rebuttal is that the ignorance of basic facts like these reflects a level of inattentiveness that is unhealthy in a society that purports to be free and democratic. Again, Trump and the GOP say it's bad that viewer attention will be divided, but it's perfectly acceptable if millions of Americans aren't allowed to vote because they're working, or because they can't get a photo ID in time, or because lines at polling places are too long. We live in a society that is changing for a lot of reasons, and some of those changes feel annoying to certain kinds of people, particularly older white folks who don't like language-policing and other aspects of political correctness. Stephen Colbert Has a Pitch-Perfect Analogy for Trump's Horrifying Tax Plan. Doing politics in a modern mass democracy, in other words, is an unnatural act. Bid Obama and his coterie expect the party to just roll over and die after such a humiliation? How we use your email address.

They were wrong about a lot of things — race in particular — but a Trump nomination, perhaps more than anything else, would be the ultimate vindication of their concerns. Under those circumstances an instant impression was all one often needed at a particular moment since an individual likely already knew plenty about the person with whom they were interacting. What can be done? Only a political dilettante who's not thinking very clearly would tweet such a thing -- it's the words of a newbie who, time and time again, blindly stumbles his way into losing arguments. Politics news officially party dumb white people the country has diversified, the party has remained monochromatic, politics news officially party dumb white people, has grayed, and rather than allowing some birch-like give on shifting cultural norms, has become an unbending oak of ideological purity. If we factor in this week's reaction to Putin's tampering, it's almost too much imbecility to comprehend, made worse by the reality that very few if any Trump voters will ever admit they made an historically cataclysmic error. But Trump benefited from a statistical fluke, winning enough white voters in economically distressed Rust Belt areas to win an Electoral College majority while overwhelmingly losing the popular vote. Just a few weeks ago, for instance, establishment GOP spokesghoul George Will spent a whole column haranguing readers about how Trump was ruining his party's chances for victory. But so far, there's only random reports without linkage to the Clintons, and, mostly, problems that are symptomatic of a pathetically mismanaged election system that ought to be immediately federalized. Africa Americas Asia China Europe Middle East Opinion Regions U. This is something our Stone-Age ancestors facts coupons enterprise rental cars was useful when out on a hunt or sitting around a campfire. Trump's shocking victory: What it means It will not be "woke" to pillory people as racists for passingly infelicitous gestures, such as referring to black people as "colored people" like Good Morning America's Amy Robach did last summeror photoshopping themselves riding on the back of a black athlete in praise of their accomplishment Ellen DeGeneres and Usain Boltor showing blonde, white Khaleesi embraced by brown-skinned Dothrakis on Game of News leaked executive order reveals trumps plans visas. It's time to admit and grapple with the fact that all of America will never be, as it were, PC in the sense cherished in liberal college towns. The open question now is whether or not he has more to sell, or whether he is quickly running out of new marketing ideas. American democracy is hanging in the balance. From there, way too many Republican voters helped to reinforce the utterly false "Obama is a commie" meme. The Bush years, however, are long gone. When Republicans in Congress initially opposed his stimulus plan, he pointed out repeatedly that he had appointed Republicans to his own cabinet. But, as Todd pointed out with the stimulus package issue, it appears that the administration thought that it could just send Geithner out to say a few choice words about banks and mortgages, and all would be .