presidential debate trump clinton transcript

Following is a transcript of the second presidential debate at Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump square off for the second time during a.
Here is the transcript of the third U.S. presidential debate between the 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and Democratic.
TRUMP: Secretary Clinton and others, politicians, should have been doing this for years, not right now, because of the fact that we've created a...

Presidential debate trump clinton transcript tri

And indeed the way that he talks about his tax cuts would end up raising taxes on middle class families. I absolutely used it and so did Warren Buffett and so did George Soros and so did many of the other people that Hillary is getting money from. Jeff from Ohio asks on Facebook, Trump says the campaign has changed him.

presidential debate trump clinton transcript

Since this is a question for both of you, Secretary Clinton, Mr. You talk about diplomatic efforts. Miller : Good evening. And in this case, it's not only about Roe v. And one of your compatriots said, you know, whether it was before or right after, Trump was definitely -- because if you read this article, there's no doubt. That's why what I have put forward doesn't add a penny to the debt, "presidential debate trump clinton transcript", but it is the kind of approach that will enable more people to take those new jobs, higher-paying jobs. And as president, I will take that work, that bipartisan work, that finding common ground. I'm just going to follow up -- and I will let you respond to that, because there's a lot. The entire press corps has looked at it. When they see hatred going on, they have to report it. I'm very glad to do expeditions copenhagen helsinki stockholm baltic cruise detail. And we better be awfully careful. My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald's, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it. They write me and one woman wrote me about her son, Felix. Dempsey Holds News Conference on Al Rasheed Hotel Attack.

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I'm Martha Raddatz from ABC news. So, yes, this is who Donald Trump is. Sue Myrick Discusses Party Platform.

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