question jailbreak uber provided driver iphone

iMore Question. I drive for ride-sharing service [Redacted]. They provide you with an iphone that has their driver app installed, and has data.
iOS and later don't have a jailbreak. . got the tweak but I cannot get a list of my apps to be able to select Uber driver app to block.
Here's how to bypass the jailbreak detection system in the Uber app so you an Uber driver as a form of employment and use the Uber Partner app to track And if you ask any person with a jailbroken iPhone, a jailbreak is If you have any question or queries, please let us know in the comments below....

Question jailbreak uber provided driver iphone expedition cheap

Visit the wiki for a full list of firmwares and jailbreak tools. So use impactor and erase all contents?. I tried logging in and out of everything iCloud, Itunes, etc. Delete all of the profiles loaded on the device. To the rest of the users here - please don't comment when you don't understand it, it just contributes to A fear-mongering and B misinformation that propagates really fast, for some odd reason, within the jailbroken community. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but neither one of those were successful. At least I know I boilds down to something with the passcode or Touch ID only at unlock, not after using the device after the first two crashes.

question jailbreak uber provided driver iphone

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How To Fix/Remove Uber Driver Jailbreak Detection - Bypass/Hack On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch 2017