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President Obama and his former education secretary Arne Duncan the gatekeeper of billion of stimulus money known as Race to the Top.
Education watchers can—and do—argue over whether President Obama's Race to the Top grants have improved education for American.
Touted as Obama's education reform magnum opus, Race to the Top aimed to sustain successful teachers and principals in school districts....

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But they also asked states to set a high bar for charters, make sure that charters were serving all different kinds of students, students in special education and English-language learners, and were being held to the same standards as regular public schools. Are Oldest Kids Smarter? Through out-of-control lawyering and divisive grandstanding, the Obama administration even managed to turn the horrific matter of campus sexual assault into a political issue. And they empowered the Office for Civil Rights at the Education Department to have resources to do more investigations, so, attention and policy, at the same time that activists on campuses were raising the issue more than ever. In the meantime, Obama found a new way to insert the federal government into higher education.

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  • Those documents spanned a range of issues, including school discipline, transgender-student accommodations, bullying, sexual assault, and the needs of students with disabilities. That became a very difficult subject, because you had teachers in certain schools with certain sort of support and scaffolding being compared to teachers in other schools perhaps in more affluent areas.

Obama's Race to the Bottom: US Is Seizing School Power and Setting Lower Education Standards

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WATCH MORE: The Obama Years. We see that in secondary education. After nine months in office, Duncan gave a speech on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act titled "Reauthorization of ESEA: Why We Can't Wait. By commenting, you are agreeing to abide by our user agreement.. With the introduction of tests for four-year-olds and the explicit link between test results... So, he was putting attention there, not on Harvard and Stanford. It became the direct lender to students, instead of having the loans made directly by banks.

race what obama education