raggi still mayor rome

Rome's first female mayor is under investigation over the appointment of the brother of her former right-hand man, who is currently in custody.
Virginia Raggi, a former lawyer who became Rome's first female mayor, the actual condition of the city, where the streets are still in disrepair.
Corruption and cronyism, not transparency: Accusations against Rome's new mayor, Virginia Raggi, could seriously damage the Five Star.

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Pallotta — the Italian-American hedge fund manager who acquired the team in. Costa Concordia captain appeal begins. Five Star Movement: saviours of democracy? Italians in coming elections. Please take a moment to hear a personal message from Joseph Kishore, National Secretary of the Socialist Equality Party US.

raggi still mayor rome

We must have more on-the-spot coverage, more interviews with our writers and contributors, and a greater use of live streaming media. That will depend on how the investigation proceeds and the continuing support from her party. This criminal organization took advantage of the recent inflow. Raggi faces this risk. Shining a spotlight on different European countries, raggi still mayor rome. The owner of the paper, Caltagirone. I siti di Repubblica. Rome looks a lot like a company in crisis. Yet I don't believe it's a coincidence that Rome elected a woman. Korea: New missile defence system ready in days. The New York Times. Italy's financial police have detained several businessmen over a scheme to win public contracts and pocket the funds. Pope's TED talk calls for humility. Donate to the World Socialist Web Site! Italian lawmakers have criticized his stand-up routine as racist and offensive. They also managed to take over the management of reception centres for refugees. All that is besides the actual condition of the city, where the streets are still in disrepair, public transportation is phlegmatic and garbage collection seems to occur far less frequently than talk of Ms. Can Europe make it? Italian prosecutors have summoned Virginia Raggi, the embattled mayor of Rome, carruthers should more response trump executive order a questionable appointment.

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