reference idioms wedge politics

wedge - politics definition: Noun (plural wedge politics) 1. (politics) A strategy or pattern of behavior by a politician, political party, or advocacy group which is.
wedge Equally obscure are the reasons for certain idioms being “privileged” and explained twice, e.g., idioms 6, 8, CIDE dispenses with cross references.
(politics) A strategy or pattern of behavior by a politician, political party, or advocacy group which is intended to have a divisive effect on one's political opponents...

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reference idioms wedge politics

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It was later claimed that the controversial campaign strategists Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor had an active role in making the Tampa incident a wedge issue for Howard to exploit. Families: the next wedge One feels that the agenda of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is not protection of the animals but rather wedge politics used to cast doubt on the Bible and its teachings. Write what you mean clearly and correctly. Get the Bible and the Book of Genesis out of the debate because you do not want to raise the so-called Bible-science dichotomy. Obama Now, in order to maintain those profits, they are practicing the worst kind of wedge politics by attempting to pit the interests of school children against those of pre-schoolers. Voting for Jesus: Christianity and Politics in Australia. Innovating Democracy: Democratic Theory and Practice after the Deliberative Turn Repr. Sign up with one click:.

reference idioms wedge politics

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