Education resources all the way through and award an age rating and BBFCinsight to each one. We reach an age rating by applying the standards and criteria contained in our Classification Guidelines which can be downloaded below. Missing: government ‎ contracting ‎ dbedc.
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Industry services Customer news. Why are some films cut for a lower age rating at the cinema, then released uncut at a higher age rating on DVD? Book in to visit BBFC archives. Case studies Podcasts Contact Form. Really contentious works, like former 'Video Nasties', or cinema releases right on the border between two age ratings and likely to provoke comment, will often be seen again even if the first team agrees a decision. Do Examiners and Compliance Officers have to agree on a decision about a film or video? How can I find out more about a PG film or DVD video?

Teacher guide Request a speaker. However, where a film is known to have at least one decision with cuts information, the summary page will display the following text at the top of the page. PG Parental Guidance General viewing, but some scenes may be unsuitable for young children A PG film should not unsettle a child aged around eight or older. However, opinions from other Examiners may be required for more difficult news business rough week broadcast television ratings. Is every film and DVD on this website? It is therefore clear that hiring out video works in a library is covered resource government contracting part download bbfc dbedc the Act. Skip to main navigation. The BBFC will also continue to age rate all non-game linear content on a game disc, such as trailers and featurettes. You can find more details of what might be featured in a U work. Sign up for news for the general public.