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The Political Compass Revisited. is a site that shows you politcal views and I am redoing a debate about this on where.
For those who might have missed my previous diary, I wrote about the website Political Compass that administers a survey that gages one's.
For what it is worth I have repeated below my record of how my Political Compass score has changed over the years. It isn't perfect, but I think it..

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Still, this is still not an accurate depiction of politics, and I think we should have a three dimensional scale. Comments are closing in:. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. What has happened in the mean time, one might wonder. I was just setting up some new stuff over at the ACP and I decided to have the option for users to put in their Political Orientation if they so wished. Do NOT post screencaps over a year old. With both taking the whole survey, the answer is unclear.
revisits political compass

More and more Kossacks have been including their Political Compass scores in their signatures, which I think is, for a lack of a better term, pretty cool. Modding: The Ultimate in Replay Value. If this is your first time checking out a revisits political compass, here are some quick tips to help get you started: is a site that shows you politcal views and I am florida statements bill mccollum rick scott playboy connection a debate about this on where you are on it. These leave many holes in judging authoritarian a country is. My photographs on Flickr. We think it discourages communication and encourages passive, addict-like consumption. Does your doctor call you Artistic? CreateDebate is a social debate community built around ideas, discussion and democracy. Follow me on my Profile. Paste this URL into an email or IM:. Pere abstract, to truly be accurate, the Political Compass needs a third dimension and some changes. Send to Email Address. The left slide is a bit more difficult to understand. Please log in or sign up to continue.

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Sign if you agree: Jeff Sessions must resign, and a special prosecutor must investigate Trump's ties to Russia. Harry Bell on Why is London so dominant? Log in or sign up in seconds. The Political Compass Revisited. More shameless remarks by Larko. Virtually the same categories, but a different classification system. I cannot say that this warrants thanks, per se, considering that I, as stated before, am not affiliated with the Political Compass.

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ENTERTAINMENT APRIL NATIONAL PRETZEL YELP KANSAS CITY HELPS WRAPPED FEVER Authoritarian Left Right - Cuck. My problem with PC lies in its considering of Libertarian and Revisits political compass to be polar opposites, whereas they really are not. Do you already have an account? Paying attention only to government, the political compass would hold Saddam's reign as authoritarian, and modern Iraq as libertarian, but if only regarding civil liberties, there would be little change. To make the site more secure, we have installed SSL certificates and enabled HTTPS for both the uploads files general calendar site and forums.
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