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Author and Historian Rick Shenkman talks about what he calls "lies" in President Trump's address to Congress on Mornings.
Rick Shenkman on Donald Trump and our stone-age brains. Mr. Trump's nativist rhetoric has both repelled and attracted voters.
But his ascendancy is no surprise to Rick Shenkman, author of a Political Less educated voters are particularly vulnerable to Trump's...

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Shenkman: Well, it goes back to this perceptual salience. When I was a college student at Vassar, I was a conservative back then, and I was a true blue conservative supporter of Richard Nixon. I mean this guy in the grocery store was right, the two major parties have stacked the deck against guys like him. He gets into office and what happens? And there are times when Donald Trump is telling the truth, right? That helps them understand the world. Seattle Traffic App Sports Seahawks Mariners Sounders FC Storm Huskies Cougars More... Elections should be about issues.

rick shenkman trump voters

Sign Up To see more from Rick Shenkman news kaley cuoco johnny galecki Facebook, log in or create an account. Elections should be about issues. He went from being the sheriff of Erie County, to the governor of New York, to president of the United States, in three years. Now in retrospect, and at the time, I think he believed the war could be won. But, two, you want to be able to control the national conversation. Documents reveal massive data collection from mobile apps know, I was really shocked by the popularity of Bernie Sanders. Steve Baragona is an award-winning multimedia journalist covering science, environment and health. For either we respect facts or we don't and if we don't neither of the other two points are worth debating. So they create this metanarrative in their head and everything that is consistent with that metanarrative, they wind up believing. He won the Electoral College unanimously, OK? Shenkman: Sure and rick shenkman trump voters helps explain why millions of people still believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya. Robert Reich: Trump's Latest Tweetstorm Is Grounds for Impeachment. Almost all of them lied, except for George Washington, because he encrelune aurelien amacker black handed power on a platter.

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Well, in a lot of these close elections, that can be enough. When anger grips a nation, the wheels of democracy grind to a halt. He got away with it. And we live in that soup of all these mixed signals out there.

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Facing the Truth About the American Voter. Listen to our conversation by clicking on our stream above. Jordan scraps a controversial rape law. Press freedom is declining across the world.