Next morning go up to the balcony and chat with Nancy, then go Guardian Orb | Live-giving Orb 9600 Seeker's Symbol .. 1x INVINCIBILITY PILL, 1x COUNT REMBREAU and 1x RESTORE BLOSSOM.
Leap out of bed in a panic Wake up normally View city from balcony in house. Stone, Count Rembreau (artwork) Warrior's Hand, Cursed Shadow, Symobl Red Lotus Armbands Seeker's Symbol.

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Stiel doesn't always show up in the Hunter's Guild, but if he does,. Practicing certain HAR will give you access. Head south and cross the dry sewerbed. Behind the three so-called houses you.

Hop across platforms, down center one, to chest: Leaf of Appeal. Use Flaming Fist twice and you win. Dream Burger Shop PRICE. BOSS BATTLE - GOLD EYES. If both chrs fight. This document is copyrighted to me, Damir Kolar.


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Numbers from left to right mean: price,. Another bozo that can't be hurt yet...