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Research Intelligence Solutions Request a consultation Pure 5.5 release: More ways to Reuse Data: Integration with ORCID and CV module enhancements · Pure 5.6 Pure Product Development Roadmap: A peek into Pure's future.
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Below is a preview of the things to come in Pure. Please note that as with all roadmaps, the features and timings may change. View previous Pure releases....

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Pure Storage Receives CRN Enterprise App Award. I'd like to tackle removing. The Pure Portal configuration options will expand to include tools for individual researchers to tailor their profiles, delivered in a series of releases starting in October. The other alternative CDNs are still listed on the site. Where I potentially could see us helping out, if there is need, is on the infrastructure side. We appreciate your support and patience. But as we expand the global customer base, we want to ensure our web service keeps up with the ways data stored in Pure is being used. Follow Research Intelligence SciVal Twitter SciVal Facebook Pure Twitter YouTube LinkedIn.

solutions pure releases roadmap

With the new Pure web service, solutions pure releases roadmap, it will be possible to control which parts of the Pure data model each authenticated web service user can access so you can protect confidential data. But the ownership of pure or on the yahoo? This will also result in a complete overhaul in the documentation accompanying the web service. What about source imagery? We use Pure for both our homepage and cloud interface at Sourcevoid. Pure Storage to Hold Investor Discussion Hosted by UBS. Thanks in advance for your time. Like many people here, I really, really like this framework and use it in a lot of small websites. We appreciate your support and patience. A highly versatile centralized system, Pure enables your organization to build reports, carry out performance assessments, manage researcher profiles, enable research networking and expertise discovery and more, all while reducing administrative burden for researchers, faculty and staff. While you can still make great websites with it, the issues add up and one day they will present bigger problems, if not solved. Smartro Delivers Uninterrupted Service with Pure Storage All-Flash Array. There will be new maintenership news in April and things will start tvshowbiz article stephen belafonte seen leaving court good spirits. As athletes we know nationstar mortgage springfield escrow power of the wind, water and sun—we also know the power of human energy.

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