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You get criticized. A lot. Articles like this one, written by a food blogger. And this one, written tongue-in-cheek. Or this one called Are Food Blogs.
One of the most common questions we get from readers is about starting a food blog (or a personal blog or some other blog). How do you start a blog? Should.
Start a food blog today. An easy to understand guide to make your food blog really work....

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What to look for in a WordPress theme. Covers everything and way more! Thank you so much for this help! Thank you so much for your informative post, it really helps! I made a page for each of these and put a recipe link on each page.
start food blog

How to Start a Food Blog in 20 Minutes or Less

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While designed with restaurants, hotels and other such venues in mind, the highly visual nature of Foodeez Lite also makes it an excellent choice for a food blog, particularly those that deal with image slideshows and other image content. Click here to check them out for yourself. Reading this post was my first real step.