states trailers mobile homes

"From the state where 20% of our homes are mobile 'cause that's how we roll, " Not everyone who lives in a trailer park is poor," says Charles.
FACTOID # 2: If you're itching to live in a trailer park, hitch up your home and head to South Carolina, where a whopping 18% of residences are mobile homes.
Over half of the country's mobile homes are located in the southern region; Texas is the state with the highest percentage of people with no health insurance. to find trailer parks or single plots of land with mobile homes.

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Community Garden Brings People Together. Credit Scoring is a means of evaluating an individuals credit using a very sophisticated scoring process. The advantages of buying one are its lower cost and the relative ease and expediency of its setup.

states trailers mobile homes

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  • Great Caravan Repair Deals! Single-wides are more likely to be traded than double-wides because removing them from the site is easier. Mobile Homes: You'll often see this term used interchangeably when referring to today's manufactured homes.
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  • The original rationale for this type of housing was its mobility. Between our hundreds of hand selected floorplans, we know we've got what you need.


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Newer homes, particularly double-wides, tend to be built to much higher standards than their predecessors and meet the building codes applicable to most areas. Again, thank you for putting up with me and helping my family go home, you're simply the best! AAA Digest of Motor Laws. Have a Home to Sell. And they remain a largely US phenomenon. When the drafty house becomes too expensive to maintain or heat, the family buys a trailer, builds a deck, plants a garden, installs a satellite dish, and voila!. The codes for building within these windzones were significantly amended, which has greatly increased their durability.

states trailers mobile homes