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Trump wants the tech industry "to keep going with the incredible innovation," he said on live television. " There's nobody like you in the world.
NEW YORK — Ringed by tech's elite, President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday promised to do "anything we can do" to help the industry.
Whether you want to work in fashion, music, media or business, there's a tech role for you and we'll help you find it. Start with our interactive quiz to find out what..

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The washingtonpost loses moey a deduction and gives owner jeffbezos power to screw the public on low taxation of Amazon! Created under Creative Commons License, some rights reserved.

Kevin Kelly: "What Technology Wants"

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Tone at the Top with Sameer Patel, CEO Kahuna — an antidote to miserable work practices. For now, though, Trump positioned the meeting as a foundation for an ongoing dialogue.

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