these scammers targeting your elderly parents

In many scams, your parents may be targeted more often than other facing the same situation: "The authorities are looking for these guys.
Seniors often find themselves targeted by identity thieves. Here's how to help your elderly parent recognize a scam. These factors can make seniors especially ripe targets for scam artists. Following are descriptions of some.
The reasons for the seasonal lift in these scams are simple enough. Many people, still keeping with their New Year's resolutions, are looking for.

These scammers targeting your elderly parents -- travel cheap

Examples of telemarketing fraud include:. Many seniors are concerned about having the funds to pay for needed medical care or a proper burial or to bequeath to loved ones upon death. Some procedures involve a simple virus scan, while others require offline scans and advanced recovery of your files. They just want the grandparent to wire money. Once they've gained your trust, they might ask for your username and password or ask you to go to a website to install software that will let them access your computer to fix it. Please return to to learn more about other benefits. Scammers are evil but not stupid.

The impostor will then claim to be in trouble and that he or she needs money for rent, bail or something of the like. Another scam trending right now is the impostor scam. Scammers will often ask for money to be sent to Western Union. Your loved ones using grandPad won't get unsolicited phone calls or emails from people they don't know and trust. Please disable your ad blocker on CNBC and reload the page to start the video. Turn patsies into protector s. Yes, the friendly, family-owned tire-shop in town was in on it. Posted on in Identity. In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a. The prize may never be delivered or, if so, is usually costume jewelry or cheap electronic equipment worth far less than the money paid to retrieve it.

These scammers targeting your elderly parents - - journey

Common approaches involve work on your chimney or driveway. These scammers are targeting your elderly parents.

These scammers targeting your elderly parents - - traveling fast

Share your story or your tips about how to avoid these scams in the comments below. They could be inactive or possibly even poisonous. Social Security Benefits Calculator. It also offers an interactive map , so users can click on a state and find out which frauds are trending there. Scammers like to take advantage of the fact that many people above a certain age own their homes, a valuable asset that increases the potential dollar value of a certain scam. Our local advisors can help your family make a confident decision about senior living. You are not alone, and there are people who can help.