thirds germans oppose fourth term merkel poll

A poll published on Tuesday shows that just under two- thirds of asked people if they thought Merkel should run for a fourth term and.
New poll shows split opinion over fourth term for Chancellor Angela Half of Germans oppose German Chancellor Angela Merkel Merkel was first appointed as Chancellor in November 2005 and is serving her third term.
A recent poll found that 59% of Germans are in favour of her being re-elected. Should she go on to serve a fourth term, Mrs Merkel would match the to one recent study could soon become the country's third largest party. has aggressively campaigned against Mrs Merkel's refugee policy, which it says....

Thirds germans oppose fourth term merkel poll tri

Germany urges EU not to break off Turkey accession talks. Revolution not so far-fetched.
thirds germans oppose fourth term merkel poll

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Going fast: Thirds germans oppose fourth term merkel poll

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German Anti-Immigrant Party Beats Merkel