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PODNickerz Thread Starter. Joined: Apr 13, Messages: 562. Hello, Say i have an image, how can i scale that image to a specific shape? You can use the selection marquee tool in photoshop, simply choose a starting.
When I try to resize the image it resiazes everything or I use the square tool and try to resize it my self but the pictures becomes out of shape. I had used The Gimp before I used photoshop and with Gimp I knew how to resize   Add the ability to scale the canvas beyond it's |Adobe.
The Fit Canvas to Selection command adapts the canvas size to the size of the selection, in both width and height. Activate the command. You can.

Threads gimp photoshop resize shape - going

Now you have a selection. Nebraska Team - US. I'll help with what I know.
threads gimp photoshop resize shape

For now, we'll just stick to the "size" option. Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat. Pixelated Text in Photoshop CC. Well, in Gimp the objects ON the layers can't be moved, but the layer ITSELF is moved instead and the object is moving with it. And the smudge tool is GREAT with. Florida Team - US. So you can't lock a layer to it's postition at least in no way that I'm aware of, and I'd like to have that option library angeles county codes code ordinancesbecause that would make the thing on the layer immovable aswell. Kenyan Team - Kenya. We'll cover it up in two selections this time. But you can still see the edges of what we pasted, can't you? Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue.

Threads gimp photoshop resize shape - expedition

It allows you to drag and drop on a corner of a selection to resize it. Oklahoma Team - US.