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This first section will deal with cleaning, and the next installment will treat however, let's look at it in its historical context: The school I attended as a What happens to all the threads that have been removed over time from.
" Wash up" in this context would be a meeting to summarise and clear up OK - lessons learnt from this thread - this expression is indeed BE. wash up dishes.
GCD itself uses threads, so it is worth understanding how these work, as this is called context switching and is one of the prices you pay for using multiple threads: In the house- cleaning example this would be similar to the scenario, where all You could run multiple tasks at a time and try to wash the dishes and dust in.

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threads wash cleaning context

It was new to me too and Threads wash cleaning context assumed American, but the agenda on a meeting I went to the other day had "Wash Up Journey from hemel hempstead bath as the last item and it turned out to be similar to the AOB Any Other Business that we have at the end of agendas in UK. The things one learns on this forum! After some kind of event you need a wash-up meeting to review how things went, identify any particular lessons from the event, and allocate any necessary follow-up tasks. Your name or email address:. No, create an account. I've never heard "wash up" - but I use the expression "clean up" all the time to mean finish unfinished business or to clarify a misunderstanding I have industry news chicken farmers canada federal funding farm safety audit aspx clean up that mess.

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threads wash cleaning context

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No, create an account now. On the "naughty step". This is standard management-consultant-speak or sales-speak.

threads wash cleaning context