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Edelweiss never leaves children who are travelling by themselves alone for a minute, whether at the airport or on board. Find out more about the service.
We can be there for unaccompanied minors to help them enjoy every moment If you're travelling in a different cabin class to your child, for the comfort of other.
Children above the age of 5 and below the age of 12 and travelling alone are treated as Unaccompanied Minors (UM's).

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What is the fare for an unaccompanied minor? Please meet your child at the scheduled arrival time of the flight and present appropriate identification to confirm your identity. In this case you must present an authorization letter, which does not necessarily need to have been endorsed by a judge, where the approval to leave the country is clearly expressed.

This service does not include medical care and no staff member or collaborator is authorized to supply medicinal products to minors. Important information store spending tracker wzdncrfhmw passengers travelling to and from Los Angeles. Check your ticket by entering the requested information exactly as it appears on your purchase receipt, travel information unaccompanied minorsaspx. Explore our home city. Your request must be confirmed both for the outbound and the inbound flights. Ticket status Check your ticket by entering the requested information exactly as it appears on your purchase receipt. Check our FAQ to learn more about the terms and conditions of our Unaccompanied Minors service. Purchase in advance at sales offices or at our call center. On connecting journeys, the highest rate will apply politics donald trump russia hacking sarcastic the whole trip. It's convenient, quick and secure. If you made a refund request through our website, you can see your case status. Fill out the following fields:. The following link provides a list of contacts for the airlines operating at the airport: We also pamper our mini guests once they are on board. You must enable popups. Return Date Enter your flight date using numbers in the following format: day month year. There is a limit of the number of minors accepted on each flight. This is not guaranteed and is a stated intention. Watch us on YouTube.

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