trump lies every five minutes

More clap-trap. Where are the articles on the lies of Mrs. Benghazi? What about calling out the rabid war-mongering of every candidate with the exception of.
Sean Spicer told at least 5 untruths in 5 minutes "All of this space [from Trump's platform to the Washington Monument] was full when the.
Donald Trump averaged one misstatement every 5 minutes on the stump last week, Politico reports. $38 million worth of horrible lies..

Trump lies every five minutes - - going

We fact-checked Hillary Clinton over the same time. Clinton is no paragon of truth-telling either. And not all of that money was negative against Trump. What we will comment on is the fact that The Washington Post has done some math. Trump provided no evidence that Rubio and Cruz talk to their super PACs. Research pathological narcissistic personality disorder, look up its symptoms.

trump lies every five minutes

Then there is the multitude of small misstatements and falsehoods. The day will never come when I vote for a president who will do the SAME EXACT THING TO MY COUNTRY THAT MY MONSTROUS EX DID Trump lies every five minutes ME. The Latest: No House Vote on Health Care This Week. A Pulitzer Prize winning liar. I won five states. View the discussion thread. Trump is a Major League liar. The Cleveland Plain Dealer notes that car seat belts, for example, are included as a cost. Not just from the media: After all, a staffer for the first lady tweeted a photo of a private Mar-a-Lago event. I was one, the other person was number. I'll be so happy when this election is over and his idiots will go back to blowing up lawn mowers.

Trump lies every five minutes going

They talk to their super PAC. A lot of states are getting killed, including by the way, North Carolina.