verizons unlimited popdata scheme kinds bullshit

Verizon's ' unlimited ' PopData scheme is all kinds of bullshit Verizon cucks will literally do mental gymnastics like this to justify getting ripped off by their carrier.
Sprint has unlimited data. T-Mobile has unlimited data. AT&T has unlimited data. True, all of these offerings have limits on unlimited, like T-Mo's extra charges for.
You see, Verizon's unlimited PopData isn't a conventional data plan with unlimited use. No, it's a pass that you can buy for a limited amount of..

Verizons unlimited popdata scheme kinds bullshit - tour

Who cares if you have unlimited LTE or not? Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am. We've two less crooked people jockeying for the White House.

verizons unlimited popdata scheme kinds bullshit

If ever it stops working, only then will I pay the extra. If you have someone connected but using very little data, the airtime that client is using is significantly less than someone using lots of data. Like I said, they can re-offer unlimited anytime they want if they can find the right balance between what constitutes heavy or 'abusive' usage versus normal usage and limit the speed past that cap. Perhaps you need to exercise your critical thinking skills. Heck, if the LTE speeds suck, go movie reviews ghost world Verizon's twitter account and post the location and speed. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. Maybe you were paying more for an SMS plan. If you're spending that much money on your cell service you can verizons unlimited popdata scheme kinds bullshit a little extra for a team of Indian contractors to keep your data flowing. And now offering a paid option to pause the data count. More issues with PopData, including limitations covered by the FAQ : Verizon's marketing is centered on the fact that it's a "premium" network, faster and more reliable than its competitors. Seems like a bit of a niche fucking use case. Hillary, is that you? Because of that ignorance. The devil's in the details.

Flying fast: Verizons unlimited popdata scheme kinds bullshit

  • But if you're in the middle of a congested city, you might get. Well no problem, Verizon customer - just pay Big Red two bucks through the carrier app , and you can binge worry-free for all of thirty minutes.
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  • Verizons unlimited popdata scheme kinds bullshit

This is what being throttled on Straight Talk is like