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The ustwo Auto team is led by Tim Smith, Harsha Vardhan and Lexi Cherniavsky, working alongside the community of practitioners within the studio.
The instrument clusters in our cars have remained stubbornly To declutter the interface, Ustwo used environmental data to ensure you see.
In this 5 part thought series we look into this phenomenon of growing in- car HMI complexity....

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We have broken away from the traditional singular notions of quantified feedback e. What elements of a traditional cluster should we design for? Most of the primary feedback considerations have remained unchanged for decades. Above: Branded to the Ferrari California, with circular displays The GT defaults to automatic control, where we see the rev counter being less important.
what ustwoauto

The full-block colour dynamic ensures the information is understandable if part of it is obstructed by the steering wheel or drivers arms when turning. Above: The Z axis, or depth, represents context of what is displayed. Certain elements have been deliberately left behind, considering legacy and context, we focused only on the necessary. We believe that there is a need to approach this topic anew, in light of these challenges and others we will highlight later on in this series. All those colours team up and together display anything you want, like a well-organised show of support at a sporting event. Smart snacking keep your metabolism burning top layer is the only layer that is actionable and is therefore the only layer that is not consistent throughout the drive. Speakers at this event, what ustwoauto. As the bar raises beyond the top of the screen, i. The team is lead by Tim Smith, Harsha Vardhan, Kota Kobayashi, and Lexi Cherniavsky, who work alongside the community of practitioners within the studio. OR — an answer to the question: What is the simplest, most easily understood representation of key information in a cluster, without what ustwoauto tied down by legacy and history as discussed earlier? We had the luxury, however, of having no brand what ustwoauto to conform to more on that later. There is much potential for in-car HMI, but we have yet to see a similar revolution in the UX and UI of the automotive industry. Which consumer technology market has changed and advanced most in the past decade? When deciding on a font to use for our concept, we drafted the following criteria:. Key elements and design principles in the concept, what ustwoauto. As each icon takes on a different shape, however, how do you distinguish quickly between which is imperative to acknowledge and which can be ignored?

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Today it celebrates its reopening as a European-style piazza. Of course, the text size and position will be set as the driver enters the car, and will not change throughout the drive. But it is a prime example of what we call stylistic skeuomorphism — in this case, a HD display is being used to mimic traditional mechanical dial faces. In order to test this hypothesis, we needed to design and build on our ideas. By looking afresh at the instrument cluster, and applying modern contexts and technology to the problem, we believe that we can make better use of the screen real estate by clearly showing the right information at the right time. Above: while driving, speed takes top priority, while range to the right is secondary information. The ustwo Auto team explore user experience in the automotive space with client engagements and our own research and experimental projects, building services and products around the connected car.

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