willow wearable breast pump

The Willow, a hands-free, wearable breast pump, will hit shelves this spring — details.
The Willow smart breast pump system is designed to alleviate that (I'm uncertain I'd be comfortable with this kind of wearable on at work), the.
And now, a company named Willow has invented a hands-free breast pump that is wearable, portable, and tube-free. Moms-to-be: if you invest in one big thing...

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The Willow cuts the cords and gets rid of dangling bottles for good. Discuss: Willow Wearable Breast Pump. Lucy Hale Reveals Why She Quit Drinking.

willow wearable breast pump

Ever get distracted and overfill bottles? Command Line delivers daily updates from the near-future. Getting out of Auto: Understanding the exposure triangle. Moms-to-be who plan to breastfeed should definitely consider putting this on their registry or investing in it as a self-purchase. Misfit introduces Flare, a simple, affordable fitness tracker. The milk is pumped into a nifty doughnut-shaped bag inside the unit, and a one-way valve keeps it in without leaking.

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The Willow, a hands-free, wearable breast pump. New York City Spring. According to CNN Money, the Willow breast pump is expected to go on sale this spring — but there's no word yet on a specific release date or if the Willow breast pump will be sold in stores. It allows you to be completely mobile and hands free, and best of all, you can pump will being very discreet. Wallets and Card Holders. It allows you to move around and feel free even after wearing a breast pump. The smart pumping mechanism is designed to sense each individual's milk production and automatically transition from let-down to expression phases.

willow wearable breast pump