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wikicensored.info~ wmoncur / publications /wikicensored.info Gibson, M. Death and mourning in technologically mediated culture. Health.
Ehud Reiter's Publications Publication profile in Google Scholar Books Journal A Gatt, F Portet, E Reiter, J Hunter, S Mahamood, W Moncur, S Sripada.
Address wmoncur @wikicensored.info David Kirk supports three different publication options: • ACM copyright: exclusive publication license. • Open Access....

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BT-Nurse: Computer Generation of Natural Language Shift Summaries. Generation of Referring Expressions. Method and apparatus for referring expression generation.

wmoncur publications

A missing person is an individual whose whereabouts are unknown and where there is some concern for his or her wellbeing. Deep Techniques for Handling. Improve Information Flows in Intensive Care Units, wmoncur publications. A Fast Algorithm for the Generation of. Computational Interpretations of the. Choosing Words in Computer-Generated. Evaluating an NLG System using Post-Edit Data: Lessons Learned.

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Investigating the Information Requirements of Patient Supporters. ACL Anthology J Hunter, Y Freer, A Gatt, R Logie, N McIntosh, M van der Meulen, F Portet, E Reiter, S Sripada,. Processing for Assistive Technology. Building Natural Language Generation Systems. Modelling the Task of Summarising Time Series Data Using KA Techniques. Children with Complex Communication Needs. Automatic generation of conversational utterances and narrative for Augmentative and Alternative Communication: a prototype system.